Background and Research Interests

Aline Jaimes is a postdoctoral Research Associate of the ecosystems Science department at Texas A&M University. Aline received her PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering, University of Texas, El Paso; her MSc from Northwest Center of Biological Research (CIBnor), La Paz, Mexico; BSc in Biology, University of Veracruz, Mexico. Aline’s professional Interests are environmental biophysicist with emphasis in biosphere-atmosphere interactions. Her research focuses on studying carbon, water, and energy balance in ecosystems undergoing environmental change. She is interested in interoperability of systems to facilitate data assimilation in environmental monitoring to support decision-making.

TWO Publications


TWO Presentations

Jaimes, A., N. Gaur, M. Everett, G. Miller, G. Moore, C. Morgan, M. Lawing, B. Mohanty, Texas Water Observatory: Utilizing Advanced Observing System Design for Understanding Water Resource Sustainability across Climatic and Geologic Gradients of Texas, NACP/AmeriFlux PI Joint Meeting, North Bethesda, MD, March 27-30, 2017.