Thesis Topic

Impacts of hydroclimatic change and CO2 pollution on the growth patterns of trees in the Columbia Bottomlands

TWO Publications


TWO Presentations

Deshpande, A.G., Lafon, C.W., Hyodo, A., Boutton, T.W. and Moore, G.W. (2017). Tree-ring chronologies and stable carbon isotopic composition reveal impacts of hydro-climate change on bottomland hardwood forests of South-Central Texas. AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans. 2017. Dec. 11-15 (Poster presentation)

Deshpande, A.G., Hyodo, A., Guerra, K., Everett, M.E., Lafon, C.W., and Moore, G.W. (2018).Variation in growth and physiological response of bottomland hardwood forests to hydro-climate change in South-Central Texas, Ecological Integration Symposium, Texas A&M University, College Station. 2018. Apr. 5-6 (Oral presentation)

Deshpande, A.G., Aparecido, L.M.T, and Moore, G.W. (2018). Prolonged inundation affects water-use strategies in bottomland oaks. AGU Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C. Dec 10-14 (Poster presentation)